H2OFagerholt - Nyt brand

27. sep. 2018

H2O works with reowned Danish fashion designer Julie
Fagerholt on a new sportswear label. 
The debut FW 2019 collection is to be launched in January 2019.

Today H2O can proudly announce the launch of a new sportswear label made together with fashion designer Julie Fagerholt, winner of Designer of the Year at the Elle Style Awards, Denmark, 2018. 
Developed together with her daughter and fellow-designer Bex Fagerholt, the H2O Julie Fagerholt debut collection is a striking mix  of performance and fashion.

''The mood of the label and debut collection is defined by a feeling of spontaneity and living in the moment'', explains Julie - an approach to life that Bex and I share. It is clothes to make you feel ready for modern life.''

''My starting point for the collection was a dream of adventure, of a woman always on the move, living out of a duffle bag crossing continents with a camera and a notebook - brave and strong. So the collection is a but rebellious, and there's a strong utilitarian feel. I really want everything to be practical, fully functional and to perform. I have loved and i love working with H2O, to dive into their universe and rich heritage, and to look at what they do best: amazing quality sweatshirts, hoodies and tracksuits and rethink them my way.''

Fagerholt - who left her namesake brand after more than 20 years only months ago - has for the new brand been working closely with the design team at H2O to draw on their expertise and combine it with her unique aesthetics and strong design vision. Her collection is based on a few key items: jackets, fleece and tracksuits with boyishly big proportions and utility detailing such as strips of reflective tape and sizeable pockets. There's just a hint of hippy traveller in details and the piled-on-layering, and - as always with Fagerholt - a slight hint of hippie influencers. 

For H2O's CEO Christian Trads creating a new label with Julie Fagerholt makes perfect sense; ''I've long admired the elegant universe that Fagerholt is so known for, and it has been terrific to see how she has entered H2O's sporting world and made it her own. Julie's sense of print, colours, and combinations is completely unique. We believe the label will bring something new to the market, and that is matches the lifestyle of many people today.''

H2OFagerholt will launch in January 2019.