What is deadstock? And why do we use it?

The definition of deadstock varies depending on who you ask. To us deadstock is so called “dead” material in all shapes and forms, that is lying somewhere waiting for someone to use it.

Together with some of our suppliers and partners we are working on using some of our supplier’s leftover material.


Surplus Tote Bag

Once a year in collaboration with our swim short supplier, Just Max, we create a surplus product, which is made of leftover swim short material from their total main production.


When we create clothes for our partners, Det Kærlige Måltid, Spot Festival, KIF Kolding and Aarhus United, we always ask our suppliers if they have any leftover material lying at their factory. This also means that not all of the clothes we create for our partners have the same colours.

Det Kærlige Måltid

Det Kærlige Måltid is a non-profit organization, where young volunteers make food for families who are affected by a life threating sickness or trauma. They bring food out to families in Aarhus and Aalborg.

The clothes for Det Kærlige Måltid is made up of deadstock material from Ekin Tekstil.


SPOT Festival

Spot Festival is a music festival located in Aarhus. Here young and upcoming performers from Denmark take the stage and play for an excited audience, who are there to experience new music.

The clothes for the crew at Spot Festival is made up of deadstock material from Ekin Tekstil.


For Aarhus United and KIF Kolding we create team bags. They use the team bags for their clothes, handballs and other equipment.

Aarhus United play in Bambusa Kvindeligaen and KIF Kolding play in HTH Herreligaen, which are the two best handball ligues in Denmark for women and men’s handball.

The team bags for Aarhus United and KIF Kolding are created in collaboration with Nylon King.