We like creativity and people with something to say.

We use our showroom on Balticagde in Aarhus most of the year, but we do have shorter periods each season where we don’t use it as much. In those periods we thought it would be great to give others the opportunity to borrow it. So if you are working on a new project or a concept, but don’t have a place where you can unfold it, test it or work on it - then this might be something for you.



In April this year we had our first “SHARED SPACE” – and it was a huge success. We were booked the whole month for both private and public events. As one of the first users, Plakatcentralen borrowed our showroom for an art exhibition. Together with four upcoming artists, represented by Plakatcentralen, they held a very well visited 4-day exhibit. Looking back at the concept and borrowing the showroom, Sille from Plakatcentralen says:


“In April 2022 we got the chance to borrow H2O’s showroom for an exhibition with some of the Danish artists we represent at Plakatcentralen. It was a big success! Without ‘Shared Space’ it wouldn’t have been possible for us, as a company, to have an art exhibit like that – especially not in a city like Aarhus, where costs of spaces like this are incredibly high. We therefore highly appreciate that H2O were so helpful in lending their showroom to us without cost.”



We use our amazing showroom on Balticagade in Aarhus for most of the year but in the periods in between sales seasons, it’s often empty, and we would like others to benefit from the space. 

We would like to make our showroom a free creative space, and we would like to give anyone who needs a space to unfold, the opportunity to borrow it. Whether you’re are working with photography, want to open a pop-up shop, make a podcast or something entirely different, you can borrow our showroom this fall. The showroom is vacant between September 1. and October 2.



In the period where the showroom is yours, it’s entirely up to you how you want to use it – whether you want to have an exhibition, create a podcast or do a workshop is your choice. Our showroom will be available to you for a week, from Monday to Sunday.


Our showroom is located at one of the best addresses in Aarhus with a view overlooking the harbor. There's a lot parking opportunities in the nearby area, for you and guests. The showroom is approximately 40 square feet, with high ceilings, white walls and a lot of natural light. A better place to showcase your art in Aarhus is hard to find.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Get in touch with us as soon as possible!



To borrow our showroom send an email to no later than March 15. Please include a description of you, your concept and when you want to borrow our showroom. Write “SHARED SPACE” in the subject field.


We will assess all applications continuously and we will get back to everyone no later than March 20.