Jun 15, 2022

Right between Gilleleje and Hornbæk you can experience Dronningmølle. Besides being another one of Denmark’s lovely seaside resorts, Dronningmølle also has another special experience to offer.


This time we remove our swimwear and jump right into a comfy sweat set, because this trip goes to the protected nature area of Rusland and Rudolph Tegners statue park. 

The name of the location, Rusland, is given based on the area’s distance from surrounding properties - and has been protected since 1935. The area extends about 300 hectares which also contributes to how big an impression it makes on you.

Once you get out on the small trails around the terrain, you suddenly feel quite small and overwhelmed. The large, green, and opulent area, is so idyllic and peaceful that you almost get knocked over backwards.



Futher on the trails, you will meet Rudolph Tegner’s 14 completely extravagant statues, that really manage to occupy the area. The statues are particularly in contrast to the organic nature that surrounds them, with their bronze cast bodies and elevated shelfs of stone. Several of the statues represent one of Tegner’s biggest projects, Livets Port, distributed in both the park and the museum.

It's a truly unique experience to walk around among the amazing statues. Not only because of the history and craftmanship behind, but also because they are located on a huge area of grass and moor. 


There is free access to Rudolph Tegner’s statue park but to experience his work in the museum building itself, an entrance fee is charged.