Jun 15, 2022

In North Zealand, just around Arresø, you will find a small village called Annisse. First and foremost, this is a place where you will experience beautiful nature, long winding country-roads and old, authentic houses. Furthermore, if you drive on Præstevej you will pass by a small, local winery!


You will be greeted by Niels and Dorthe Frees, the two owners of the winery. Here you will get the opportunity to experience their small vineyard right behind their house, as well as the place where they eventually produce their wine.

”I usually recommend people to come visit our farm during the summer period – between late June and early October. It’s during this period of time that the plants really bloom and grow big.”


Niels describes their little project as a hobby that they enjoy working with.

 ”We really like the chill way of selling our wine out of the barn door. We’re open Friday and Saturday and otherwise you can always come visit by appointment.”

 It’s a painstaking activity that’s both uncertain and time-consuming. Niels mentions that "wine really is all about patience. The processes are really slow, and you never know what the wine is going to be like."

These elements is just a part of the charm. Harvesting is made once a year – every summer – and the question about how many grapes, what taste and to what extent wine can be produced for, is simply based on wind and weather.

”Our small vineyard consists of almost 400 canes and from that we harvested about 600 kg last year. That’s a very nice harvest on such few plants.”


However, one thing that is 100 percent certain is that their beautiful vineyard on Præstevej is worth a visit – and no doubt that you will fall for one of their unique, and love-filled wines in the end.