Some items last 20 years and others just a month. Regardless, all items deserve to end its life in a worthy way.

At every step of the process, from the choice of materials to the finished product, whether it’s cotton or fleece, several people have worked hard to create our items. The time and dedication that have been put into our clothes, pool slides and bags, can’t go to waste, just because a button has fallen of, or a seam has gone up – we value our products too much for that. So, what do we do to ensure our products don’t go to waste? We repair, upcycle and donate.


We repair everything that we possibly can, and will always try to find a solution, so that our clothes- and shoes can live on for as long as possible. All of our repairs are done with original spare parts.


We can’t repair everything, but we can make an effort to find new solutions. The products we can’t repair, we upcycle. To make upcycling a possibility, we have teamed up with FLOT. FLOT is a small business that upcycles different kinds of materials - mostly textiles, and thereby give products that are no longer useful in its original form, a new life. FLOT practices zero waste, which mean that they use everything, so nothing goes to waste. Everything from buttons to zippers are carefully taken of the products, so they can be used at a later point. A zipper from a pair of pants, can for instance be used to close a pencil case, or for a pocket in a bag.


Two times a year, we receive samples for the upcoming season. We only order what we need, but at the end of a season, we have to change and prepare our showroom for the next season. This also means, that we have to clear it for our “old” samples. Our samples have 2 different final destinations. Some of the samples will be send to our stock sale and others to the organization, Welcome House.

Welcome House is a volunteer driven house in Copenhagen, where refugees from all over the world get together. The purpose of Welcome House, is that it’s users and volunteers together, engage in activities that contributes to integration.

Our products are made to be used again and again – and sometimes, this requires that they are transformed into something new. Upcycling and reparations are therefore, each and in its own way, essential to us, in our work against the waste of textiles.