” I have a dream that all companies recognize their waste, take a stand and help, by making an effort to give it a new life.” – Louise Schmidt, FLOT

Claims, production mistakes and leftover material cannot be avoided – no matter how hard we try to do so. Mistakes will happen, and there will be excess materials.  But the most important thing is, what we choose to do with it.

If a stitch that cannot be repaired by a tailor has opened, or an elastic trim was not as durable and strong as expected, it doesn’t mean the whole product has to go to waste. The product can still be used in spite of that, but it might need to become something else to gain value again. To give our products a new purpose we have teamed up with FLOT.

 FLOT came from the idea of using what was already made. I quickly found out, that there is a whole other category of textiles out there – the one that never reaches the consumers, and are discarded by the companies. In many cases the textiles I receive have small flaws, which makes them unusable to the companies. Whether it is raw textiles or already made products. This is where FLOT come into the picture.

I cut out the mistakes and give the textiles a new life. It is a completely different way to design because I never know what I get, and therefore I can’t make the designs until I see and feel the material.” – Louise Schmidt, FLOT

We have said it before – our products are meant to be used again and again, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be in its original form. Sometimes changes are necessary for the product to live on.