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H2O Sportswear: One of today's most nostalgic and iconic brands

If you grew up during the 80s and 90s, you probably know H2O - a Danish brand which, more than anything, was associated with the characteristic 3-coloured logo, a characteristic design with colours and stripes, and not least the iconic sandals. However, H2O has become much more than just sandals and colourful designs. Looking at the Danish fashion scene, it is obvious how H2O has managed to create a synthesis between sport and fashion - still with the same focus on good quality and fit, which has been an integral part of the collections since the 80s and 90s.

Sandals - new and old look

The classic, well-known flip flops from H2O are likely to bring back many memories among Danish consumers. Perhaps you remember the classic H2O sandals with and without Velcro closures which, together with the characteristic H2O socks, was a 'must have' in any wardrobe back in the 80s and 90s. New sandals have appeared in the form of H2OxOh! by Kopenhagen Fur sandals which will surely make any fashionista envious. You will find our great selection of sandals right here.

Making H2O vital again

H2O's cool fashion collections can be found in selected Danish fashion stores and on The collections are designed with respect for the company's DNA from the past.  H2O has managed to create collections based on the best elements from the past while at the same time fitting perfectly into today's Danish fashion scene. You will find H2O's collection for men right here and for women right here.

The Webshop with the widest selection of H2O clothes and sandals

In the H2Os webshop, you will find Denmark's widest selection of H2O clothes and sandals for men and women. The quality is still one of the core elements in the collections. All sandals are made in Italy - in the same factory that also produced H2O sandals back in the 80s. Also, H2O strives to use the best cotton quality, which means that the company has decided to move the production of cotton textiles from China to Turkey precisely to ensure the high quality of the cotton.

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