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Balticagade 10, 2
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Balticagade 10, 2
DK-8000 Aarhus C

Monday - Thursday 08-16

Friday 08-14

Sat-, Sun- and holidays closed

About us

H2O Sportswear was founded back in 1982 by Jens Knud Lind. The fundamental idea was to create sportswear of a unique cotton quality that would also have an extremely high degree of functionality and durability. Based on classic Scandinavian design, H2O Sportswear developed its own colourful and characteristic design with stripes, a unique fit and innovative designs. The collection was expanded during the 80's and 90's to include both swimwear, rainwear, and the popular sandals.


Our collections are created around several themes focusing on woman lifestyle, men's lifestyle, swim & beach wear, bags and footwear. All products and collections are based on our core philosophy of producing everything in a unique quality with a high degree of functionality and a perfect fit.

Therefore, we constantly make extra efforts to ensure that we always/for all collections put together teams of the most successful and talented creative managers, designers, constructors, and specialists that can be found. Working on a foundation of H2O Sportswear's DNA and experience, this team ensures that we continue to develop our collections to achieve a fusion between sport and fashion that is suitable for the sports arena as well as for the urban environment.

Our design is based on the Scandinavian look with straight lines, colourful details, targeting the active consumer who wants clothes that can be used for a nice day on the lake, as well as a sunny day on the beach, or a day at the sports centre.
At the same time, we also want to challenge existing expectations by taking some of our iconic H2O products and ask some of today's outstanding Danish or foreign fashion designers to redefine them and create completely new, exciting and unique products. This focus started with our collaboration with the Danish designer Stine Goya, who made the very successful re-design of our sandals and has been followed by many other collabs with recognised designers such as Henrik Vibskov, Anne-Sofie Madsen, Mark Kenly Domino Tan, Freya Dalsjø and lately Han Kjøbenhavn and Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur.


H2O's mission is to create better clothes and footwear by combining the durability, practical materials, and comfort of the sportswear and leisurewear/footwear with the designers' feel for fit, trends and colours.
For H2O, creativity means combining well-known elements in new ways. That way we can always come up with original solutions by taking the best from both worlds and using it to create a positive, spiralling development process which improves the clothes, while creating added value for the consumer.
H2O - dressing up the world


The same well-known quality as in the 80's and 90's.

The products have the right fit that makes them easy and comfortable to move around in.

Classic and modern designs inspired by the old, original H2O collections.

The clothes are designed using the colours from the characteristic H2O logo, which includes green, blue, and red.


At H2O sportswear, we work based on a philosophy of designing clothes for the world's greatest sport - Everyday life!
We strive for honesty and transparency through the entire value chain and constantly challenge our own ability to produce and re-use our products in a way that affects the environment in all the countries where our products are involved as little as possible, both in terms of production and sales, to leave a better world for future generations. This can happen in many ways and there are many theories about what is best for future generations, but we use common sense in our evaluations and always pay attention to potential improvements that can be implemented quickly and efficiently in our value chain. Often the simplest improvements are also the most effective!


Quality is the core of our work And we never compromise. We monitor the entire process to make sure that we continuously maintain our standards all the way from picking the cotton, until the consumer receives the final product.

Quality is long-lasting
Our producers have been carefully selected to guarantee that they also live up to our quality standards and norms. Our products must pass tough quality tests, so that textile, fit, and stitching all maintain the same high quality, no matter how often the clothes have been used.

Quality is function and fit
Well-fitting clothes are not only a question of sewing techniques, it is as much about correct fit with optimal comfort and function. Comfort in relation to how the trousers fit the body when moving around - no matter size or shape - and function regarding your freedom of movement.