H2O sandal

EUR 40,00

  • Unisex sandal
  • H2O logo in the upper and the inner sole
  • White stripes on inner sole
  • Materials: PU outer sole and PVC inner sole and upper
  • Made for use in locker rooms and around swimming pools
  • Not suitable for outdoor activities
  • Made in Italy

Unisex H2O sandal in navy with white stripes in the sole and on the upper. The sandals have been designed with respect for the best elements from H2O's past. This is shown by the characteristic stripes, the three-coloured logo and the good fit, which has been an important part of H2O's sandals for decades. The outer sole on the sandals is made from polyurethane (PU), which is a hard-wearing material with a long durability. The upper and the inner sole have been made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with no phthalates. Polyvinyl chloride is characterised by being a very elastic and soft material, which provides the foot with the necessary support. All H2O sandals are made in Italy at the same factory where the sandals have been made since the company was established in 1982.

Length in cm. (Measured from the outer soles)
3/35,5 = 23,7
4/37 = 24,3
5/38 = 25
6/39 = 25,7
7/40,5 = 26,4
8/42 = 27
9/43 = 27,6
10/44,5 = 28,3
11/46 = 29

Item code: 7914-7070

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