Jun 15, 2022


The better we take care of our clothes the longer it will last. It takes a lot of small changes but a good place to start is how we wash our clothes.

Washing instructions

When washing your clothes always follow the instructions on the care label. Here you will find all the manufacturers recommendations for how you should care the specific piece of clothing. By following the recommendations, it will help your clothes keep its shape and colour. If the care label is cut off or hard to read, you should be as gentle to it as possible as you don’t necessarily know the material of the clothes, so do wash it as cold as possible.

When it is time to wash the clothes use the assigned program on your washing machine, if you are washing a dark wash, choose the program dedicated to it. You should always separate and wash your clothes with similar colours, this will help the clothes keep its colour for longer.

When drying your clothes, air dry your clothes whenever you can and do it outside if possible. If its not possible to dry it outside then make sure the room you are drying it in has good ventilation, to avoid humidity. Avoid tumble drying as it can change the structure of your clothes.

But before you decide to wash your clothes, look at it and asses if it is necessary to wash it or hanging it outside in the fresh air can do the job. If there are no visible stains hanging it outside in the fresh air might be enough to get rid of any light smells.

Down jackets

All down jackets should be washed on a maximum of 30 degrees. Down jackets should be washed as little as possible and no more than once a year. Are there any stains on the jacket they should be spot cleaned.

After having washed your down jacket it’s important to dry it as quickly as possible. The down jacket therefor must be tumble dried. This should be done on low heat and maximum 30 degrees with dryer balls. The dryer balls help to distribute the down evenly within the jacket. But to get the optimal result you should take the jacket out once every 1-2 hours and shake it, this will contribute to distribute the down evenly. It takes a long time to dry a down jacket so be patient and don’t stop the process until the jacket is completely dry.

Never dry clean, iron or bleach your down jacket.


When washing your cotton clothes do not wash it warmer than 40 degrees. If the clothes is not very dirty and does not have a strong smell 30 degrees will do the job just as well. The colder you can wash your clothes the better. The cold wash will make it easier to maintain the colour of the clothes for longer.

When drying your cotton clothes, it is best to air dry it. Avoid putting your clothes on a hanger if its heavy, as this can stretch it out. Avoid tumble drying your cotton clothes as there is a risk of shrinkage.

Never bleach or dry clean cotton clothes.


Your fleece should be washed at max. 40 degrees. If your fleece is not very dirty and does not have a strong smell a 30 degree wash is sufficient. If you fleece is not dirty at all but only smells a little hanging it outside in fresh air will be enough to get rid of any odor.

Never dry clean, bleach, iron or tumble dry your fleece.


All our pile styles should be handwashed only. This helps to keep the structure of the pile. After handwashing your pile jacket hang it to dry outside or in a room with good ventilation.

Never bleach, tumble dry or iron your pile.


Our products are made to be used repeatedly. Help us make sure this is possible by washing as little and as cold as possible, airdry and repair your clothes whenever you can. That way you are not only doing yourself a favor, but also us, your clothes, and the environment.

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