We can’t stop using packaging.

What we can do is improve the way we are currently packaging our products and only use what is necessary.


Product packaging

 In the end of 2022, we started on replacing our current packaging.

We are changing our packaging, from packaging made of virgin materials to packaging made of recycled materials. It’s a long process and not something that can or will happen from one day to the next. Throughout the whole process we have been very aware that changing our packaging should not result in waste of resources. Which is why all the packaging we already have in stock, will be used before any new packaging is bought. The products that are already in stock will therefor not be repacked either.


What has changed

 1. All polybags (plastic bag that protects the product), hangtags and shoeboxes will in the future be made of recycled materials.

2.Our logo will no longer be on our polybags. By removing our logo it is possible for us to order less polybags at a time.

3.Smaller polybags. Folding our clothes 1-3 times extra has contributed to our polybags becoming smaller.

4. All tissue paper has been removed. The purpose of the tissue paper was originally to make sure that for example print on a t-shirt
    did not rub off on the rest of the t-shirt, if it was kept in a hot or humid environment for to long. But a lot has happened since
    the first time we designed and chose our packaging, and tissue paper is no longer necessary. Tissue paper has also been removed
    from shoe boxes.


We haven’t used all our packaging yet and it will be awhile until it happens across all categories. Therefor it is a possibility to receive two similar products packed two different ways – two different types of polybags and two different types of hangtags.


Web packaging

 As a webshop we send out more than a 100 packages a day and for that purpose a lot of packaging is used. Which is one of the many reasons as to why we also have worked a lot with which changes and improvements we can make, to ensure a more responsible use of packaging.


When you order one of our products it will be delivered to you in responsibly manufactured packaging. Our mailer bag is made of corn-based resin and our mailer box is made of at least 60% recycled materials. Both mailers are designed to be re-used and can be used a minimum of 2 times, but often more. Therefor we have chosen to change our procedure, for packaging, when we receive returned products.


What has changed

1. We are re-using all mailer boxes after they have been returned to us. This means that some will experience receiving their products
     in a mailer box, that looks more used. We re-use the mailer boxes as long as they are safe to send products in.


We are always working on becoming better and we are on the right track. But we are always open to new ideas and suggestions, so if there is anything you think we should look into you are more than welcome to contact us at contact@h2o-sportswear.com.

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