Sanctuary Cliffs



Between Tejn and Gudhjem you will find Bornholm's most beautiful reach of rocks - namely Sanctuary Cliffs.

On Bornholm you will find many stretches filled with rocks, but none as beautiful and fantastic as the Sanctuary Cliffs. The 20-meter-high cliffs on Bornholm's north coast are steep and rugged with deep canyons and caves.

The marvellous name of the place, is named after a fountain, that once ran below the rocks.

In the Middle Ages, the Trinity Chapel was located on the field above the rocks, where "healing" water was fetched from the holy spring. Regardless of,  whether the place has healing powers or not, there is an enchanting atmosphere around the rocks, which is perhaps why, the individual places have since been given romantic names such as the Light Rock, the Seagull Tower, the Moonlight Cliffs and the Love Bench.

If you follow the path through the rocks like we did, you will end at a spot called the "Black Pot". Here you can walk a good 60 meters into the rocks and get a unique sight of the nature. 

The Sanctuary Cliffs are one of the great natural attractions on Bornholm and a "must see" when you visit the island. 

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