Østerlars Church, located 5 km from Gudhjem, is definitely worth a visit. The church is the largest and oldest of Bornholm's four round churches, and is located on a hilltop, 500 meters north from Østerlars town.

The church is believed to have been built around the year of 1150 -  and the beautiful architecture functioned not only as a church, but also as a defense: a round church has no corners and is therefore easier to defend. The church was therefore originally built without a roof, and only in 1744, when the church lost its importance as a defense building, was the roof built.

Østerlars Round Church is just as impressive on the inside, as the outside. It's a beautiful and fantastic building outside, and decorated with frescoes dating back to 1350, on the inside.

During the winter season, there is free admission for visitors between the morning and evening bells. For the rest of the year, the price for entrance is DKK 25. 

The church is definitely worth a visit!

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