On the Italian east coast not far from San Marino, our pool slide manufacturer has their base. They have been there since 1984 and we have been working with them since their beginning.

We have a strong relationship with Nova Shoes, and we always help each other, in good as well as bad times.

With 37 years of experience, there isn’t a thing they don’t know about pool slides. All slides are made by hand, and it has been like that since the beginning. By making them by hand the high quality, our pool slides are known for, is ensured.



Years in business - 37 Years

Years of working with H2O - Since 1984

Employees - 15-30

Products for H2O - Pool slides

Production capacity - 5.000 pairs a day

Weekly working hours - 8 hours a day



The people at Nova Shoes

We design them and the lovely people at Nova Shoes make and package them. Them of course being our pool slides.

The 30 employees at Nova Shoes are between 22 and 60 years old. The age gap ensures more than just diversity. The most experienced worker, who has been at the factory for more than 20 years can hand down information and know how the best possible way.

We see them all as part of our extended family and are very happy to be able to present you some of the lovely people, who makes your pool slides.


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