Located in Hangzhou in China, you can find our fleece jacket manufacturer Iski Sportswear. They got into clothing production 15 years ago, because of their interest in the industry and they had a chance to create work for the people living nearby the factory. They now have employ 230 people and make 1,2 million garment pieces a year. We have been working with them since 2013, and they have never disappointed when it comes to quality and collaboration.

Facts about Iski Sportswear:

Years in business: 15 years
Years of working with H2O: 8 years
Employees: 230
Products for H2O: Fleece jackets
Production capacity: 1,2 Million garment pieces in total
Weekly working hours: < = 60 hrs.


Li Xiao Ying 

Li Xiao Ying is 45 and comes from the local city of Zhuji, not long from Hangzhou. She has been with Iski for the last 5 years, where she works with inspection and quality check. As an inspection worker she plays a crucial part in making sure our high-quality standard can be upheld. When she is not working, she loves taking care of her kids and be with her family.

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