If you have the art, we have the room to display it!

We like creativity, people with something to say and people who know the importance of being inspired and give others a space to show who they are.

For a while we have been thinking about how many rooms in the fashion industry that are intensively used in some periods - and hardly used in other periods. This is something we want to change and we hope others will follow.


We use our amazing showroom on Balticagade in Aarhus for most of the year but in the periods when we don't use it as much, we want others to benefit of the space. We would therefore like to offer young upcoming artists the opportunity to borrow it. We hope we can contribute to creating a creative space and hopefully kickstart a career.

Whether you work with ceramics, photography, design, paint or something entirely different, you can use our showroom this spring, from the 28 March to 23 April.


In the period where the showroom is yours, its entirely up to you how you want to use it – whether you want to have an exhibition, read a poem or do performance art is completely up to you. Our showroom will be available for you for a week, from Monday to Sunday. Additionally, we would like to offer our website as a sales platform. In the period from March 28 to April 23, there will be a gallery section on our website where you can display and sell your artworks. Here you will also be able to describe your work as an artist. We will handle everything in regards to payment, shipping etc.

Our showroom is located at one of the best addresses in Aarhus, with a view overlooking the harbour. There's a lot parking opportunities in the nearby area, for you and eventual guests. The showroom is approximately 40 square feet, with high ceilings, white walls and a lot of natural light. A better place to showcase your art in Aarhus is hard to find.

If you have the art but need a space and a platform to showcase it, then get in touch with us!


Please send us an application with the following:

A description of you and your vision for your art
Justification for loan of the showroom
A portfolio

The application has to be sent to pr@h2o-sportswear.com no later than 14 February 2022.  Please write ”SHARED SPACE” in the subject field.

We will collect all applications and contact the chosen artist in February 18.

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