H2O x Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur

H2O x Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur


In summer 2017, we started a new collaboration with the fur accessory-brand Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur, and the Danish style icon, Freja Wewer. The collaboration was made with the idea of combing the classic qualities of luxury fur with a more relaxed look from the sport. When we started the collaboration, we had the issue of how we could give the fur more edge, make the material sporty and match it to the summers chill vibes.

 h2o x oh by kopenhagen fur x freja wewer fur slippers volume 1

The first collection was four designs and one of them were design exclusively by Freja Wewer. Alle designs had a cool, sophisticated and modern look, with fur details in mink, fox and the unique swakara-fur. The slipper Freja Wewer has designed is colorful and sensational with a pink sole and orange fox fur.

“Scandinavians needs to stop being so afraid of colors – when they generally make us so happy. I believe that fashion is fun, different and colorful and I think that fur, with all the wonderful possibilities it possesses, is the perfect material for fun, unique fashion,” – Freja Wewer.

 h2o x oh by kopenhagen fur x freja wewer fur slippers collection 2

The second collection contained five styles, made in fluffy fox fur and an amazing soft mink fur. The collection stands out in the street picture, because of its beautiful and shimmering colors.

"I love to mix colors and materials in new and different ways. Colors are essential for me, and I love how the colorful fur is working in contrast to the different blue types of denim. Total wow factor," says Freja Wewer about the inspiration to the colorful collection.

 h2o x oh by kopenhagen fur x freja wewer collection 3

In June 2018, we released the third collection in the collaboration. The collection consists of four slippers, made in high-quality mink and fox fur. The strap is in two parts with fur on the upper part, which gives the slipper a more sporty and light look. This time the inspiration comes from the pulsating Vesterbro in Copenhagen. The campaign pictures are shot locally in a supplier on Vesterbro. The supplier called Kihoskh is Freja Wewers favorite supplier.


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